Francesca Amfitheatrof 



‘....A Journal On Relevant Women’, Founded and created by Alique.

An instant and intimate platform, by and for women,
with a growing consciousness, communicating  in an
infectious excitement, speaking freely about the changes
they are making in their lives to empower their and our world.

The Joan is launched exclusively to empower Joan's momentum,
in limited edition and one time only.
If you weren’t there, The Joan wasn’t for you.
The Joan is not online, and you can’t keep her.
The Joan is instant.
Really instant that is...

The Joan reminds us of the essence of true communication
and authenticity:  The Joan is essential, accurate and relevant
just like Joan. 
The Joan takes shape as a gentle nostalgic reference
to a newspaper, to a manifest, to an ode or perhaps even
to a (love)letter…
The Joan lives only in this delicate tangible format, that one time.
Current value of words, non-biased.
Of actions, out in the court.
Of being a woman, in-depth.

The Joan is created to empower the true beauty of women,
beyond fashion and time.